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Geek Girls’ Castle was born in 2016 when the owner, Missy, wanted to tell the world about her fandoms. It started first with a blog where she wrote about her favorite fandoms like Disney, Star Wars, and Doctor Who, discussing anything within those geeky topics like the episodes, fashion, cosplay, or merchandise.

Early on, at the age of 12, Missy started sewing when her home economics class made quilted pillows. She then ventured big-time into making a full size quilt for her parents, which hangs on their banister to this day. She learned a lot while quilting those pillows and making the giant quilt. Later she had an idea for skirts. They would be nerdy skirts with pockets! She first started making them for herself but friends loved them so much, they told her to go into business. Well, voila!

In addition to sewing fun and geeky accessories, Missy enjoys freelancing for film companies as a PA, sound tech, or videographer. You can check her IMDb out here and here!

About Geek Girls' Castle

Geek Girls’ Castle was built in 2016 to bring nerdy products to the "geek girl" population, which includes all LGBTQA, non-binary, and all POC/BIPOC folks.

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